Our Story

The story of how Trail Magik® was born is simple.
The summer my first son turned 3 I took him on two backpacking trips. The first trip was just one night and only about 4 miles to where we set up camp, then another 6 miles to the peak and back. After gummy worms stopped working to get Gus to walk further on his own I had to pick him up. He probably walked 40% of the time which gave me hours to think about better ways of carrying him. This is when I began to envision what would become Trail Magik.
Before setting out on our second and much further backpacking trip, I scoured the internet for a child carrier that would attach to the front of my backpack. There was nothing like what I wanted. I didn’t want to bring a typical bulky child carrier that would interfere with my backpack straps and waist belt, I didn’t want a purpose-built backpack with a compartment for a child and no room for much else. So I hand-sewed my own carrier from heavy fabric, nylon straps and a few carabineers. It worked!
The trip was a success, full of lasting memories and bonding all made possible by my simple invention. Now I am excited to share this product with other hearty hiking parents and adventurous kids.