Backpacking with toddlers

Takes an innovative, one of it's kind kid carrier

The first of its kind.

During transit it's folded to the size of a small water bottle & weighs just ounces.

When needed, The Trail Magik® Kid Carrier can attach to your backpacking backpack so you won't miss a beat while your little hitchhikers get their rest on.

Hike. Explore. REST. Repeat.

the innovation

The story of how Trail Magik® was born is simple.

The summer my first son turned 3 I took him on two backpacking trips. The first trip was just one night and only about 4 miles to where we set up camp, then another 6 miles to the peak and back. After gummy worms stopped working to get Gus to walk further on his own I had to pick him up. He probably walked 40% of the time which gave me hours to think about better ways of carrying him. This is when I began to envision what would become Trail Magik....

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The Trail Magik Kid Carrier Complies with all US Consumer Product Safety Commission safety standards

When your child walks a good amount of any trip, carrying around a big bulky kid carrier is cumbersome. Not to mention takes up a lot of space on whatever exploration you are on. The transition is inevitable from big bulky carrier to a full time walker… Our Trail Magik kid carrier has you covered! It’s the perfect lightweight gear for those couple of years in transition!

No, the Trail Magik kid carrier is an attachment that is meant to be worn on a backpacking backpack or 30 Liter or greater hiking backpack with waist straps & front upper loaders.

We have tested multiple 30 Liter backpacks with front upper loaders and a waist belt. These are a few key factors when deciding on if a Trail Magik Kid Carrier can attach to it.

The carrier’s design was made to attach onto a backpack with a waist band & cushy straps. If you attach it onto a backpack with thin straps & no waist band… it won’t be that comfortable.

Please check the integrity of your backpack first for any where and tear before using it with a Trail Magik.

No. Our carrier is designed for children 1 year old to 43 pounds.