The Trail Magik® Kid Carrier

The BEST kid carrier for active families with toddlers!

Calling all baby wearing families!

As a parent to a toddler, you most likely are experiencing a new phase that starts around 2 years old. Your toddler walks the majority of the time but still needs to be carried during hikes, walks, and general outings. We felt it cumbersome bringing along a traditional kid carrier as it takes up so much space in our backpack. Or, we’d forget it at the house because of how little we used it; leaving us carrier-less.

The TrailMagik® kid carrier is the answer! It folds up in a little square and weighs only a couple ounces. It takes up so little space and perfect to always keep inside your backpack and is taken out and easily used.

The Trail Magik® child carrier was designed for parents who want to take their 2-4 year olds backpacking. Period. This carrier works like a charm on a backpacking backpack with a waste band and nice cushy straps. 
With our "TM Conversion Clips", it allows our TM child carrier to attach onto any heavy duty day backpack. However, please note that the clips make it possible - while having a day backpack with a waste strap and nice cushy straps will make it a lot more comfortable ride. 

Backpacking with a toddler is not easy... but with our Trail Magik child carrier, it makes it possible.

11 products

11 products