What is the Trail Magik?

Born Out of a Desire to Adventure Comfortably as a Family

A woman hiking in the cold with her child in a Trail Magik kid carrier attached to her hiking pack

Have you ever gone searching for a piece of outdoor gear that would make your life easier, only to discover that it somehow doesn’t exist yet? That was our issue back during the summer when our first son turned 3.

I planned out two backpacking trips for the season. The first trip was just one night and only about 4 miles to where we set up camp, then another 6 miles to the peak and back. After gummy worms stopped working to get Gus to walk further on his own, I had to pick him up. He probably walked 40% of the time which gave me hours to think about better ways of carrying him.

This is when I began to envision what would become Trail Magik.

Before setting out on our second and much further backpacking trip, I scoured the internet for a child carrier that would attach to the front of my backpack. There was nothing like what I wanted. I didn’t want to bring a typical bulky child carrier that would interfere with my backpack straps and waist belt. I didn’t want a purpose-built backpack with a compartment for a child and no room for much else. So, I hand-sewed my own carrier from heavy fabric, nylon straps, and a few carabiners.

It worked!

The trip was a success, full of lasting memories and bonding all made possible by my simple invention. Now I am excited to share this product with other hearty hiking parents and adventurous kids.

A man carrying a child on his front with a Trail Magik carrier attached to his hiking pack while hiking

How Does the Trail Magik Work?

As a family of 5, we had our 3 children all two years apart. So for 8 years we always had 1-2 kiddos in and out of kid carriers. We also always brought a backpack full of water and snacks and swimsuits, sweaters, and items we may need for the day. That’s a lot of gear without even factoring in the child carrier! Thankfully, adding the Trail Magik to your load lets you leave the bulky child carrier at home and use what you’re already wearing: Your hiking pack.

Using the Trail Magik is simple, though we do recommend giving it a practice run before heading out on your adventure. When your kiddo needs a break, simply pull out your Trail Magik (it’s compact enough to fit in a bottle pocket), attach the carabiners to the lower end of your backpack shoulder straps, feed the upper straps of the carrier through the upper shoulder adjustment points on your backpack, buckle the straps, and you're ready to go! Want to see how it’s done? Click here for our How-to-Use videos!

Check out the Trail Magik User Guide for more detailed information and precautions for using the carrier.

A man getting a child in a Trail Magik child carrier while exploring outdoors

Who is the Trail Magik for?

First and foremost, the Trail Magik Kid Carrier is just another TOOL to help you and your family explore the world with your toddler. The Trail Magik was made and designed for all the backpacking families of the world. However, now we know it's intended for parents with children who walk a lot of the time, but still need to be carried here and there. This is where the Trail Magik shines! Our customers have used the Trail Magik in airports, in the backcountry, at Disneyland, on short hikes, and long... anytime you DON'T want to take along a bulky kid carrier but are worried your child might need a break or two on your outing - Take a TRAIL MAGIK!!

A family with three children hiking along a scenic trail with their youngest in a Trail Magik child Carrier attached to a hiking pack

Are You Ready for a Little Trail Magik?

Head over to our products page to check out the color combinations we have available in our carriers. For inspiration and reviews from other Trail Magik customers, head over to our Facebook and Instagram) pages. Questions about our products or mission to get families outdoors? Feel free to email me at katie@trailmagik.com!

A family of 5 hiking in a scenic landscape with a child riding in a Trail Magik child carrier attached to a hiking backpack

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