Backpack Conversion Clips

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The Trail Magik® Kid Carriers were designed to be attached to a backpacking backpack by looping around the upper shoulder strap adjuster (above wearer’s shoulder), and clipping onto the lower shoulder strap (near wearer’s waist).

Since most smaller backpacks do not have upper strap adjusters, we created a special clip that enables connection of the kid carrier to almost any backpack.

Backpacks with comfortable shoulder straps and waist belts will distribute the added weight of a child the best.

**Not as comfortable as using the Trail Magik Kid Carrier with a backpacking backpack, but comes in handy for shorter distances when child needs to be carried.

Weight limit 35#

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From our customers


"Being an outdoorsy family, we couldn't wait to bring our toddler backpacking with us. This pack is the only way she could make it to the summit! I love it because when your child sits in it, it actually takes weight off your back by counterbalancing with the front. It’s sturdy, durable & the colors are rad but being designed in San Clemente & made in the US takes the cake for us!"

Emily L.
San Clemente, CA

We have 3 under 5 years old. Our baby is in an ergo, our 5 year old walks 100% of the time...This carrier was the PERFECT thing to be packed away every single day.. for our middle child. When he needed to be carried, this thing is the ticket. We use the Conversion Clips for our dayhike backpack.

Bozeman, MT